Moffat 1969 Trans Am Mustang in-car footage. Fantastic noise!

Allan Moffat's immortal 1969 Trans Am Mustang is one of the greats of Australian motorsport. Winning 101 of 151 races it was also one of the most successful in our nations racing history. Here is some in car footage from the Gold Coast 600 Legends demonstration event, taking it easy as there is a lot of concrete there to hit! See more of this car and others from the Bowden Collection here at

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Moffat's T/A Mustang at Phillip Island 2015.
A great weekend trip to the epic Phillip Island Classic with the beautiful Moffat Mustang. It was a fun weekend away with a few demo runs of the old beast. Fred Gibson was on hand for one of the runs, taking the famous Mustang for a few laps around the fabled track. Thanks to the VHRR for helping get us get down there for those couple of laps. Title image by Darren Bould.

Touring Car Legends on the Gold Coast

The mighty Moffat Mustang at the 2011 Longford Revival TV doco
Is there a better sounding Ford small block V8?? An excerpt from the excellent 2011 Longford Revival TV Documentary, featuring Dan Bowden talking about driving the Allan Moffat 1969 Trans Am Mustang down the famous flying mile. Sounds pretty glorious...

The Unveiling of the New 2015-16 Moffat Edition Mustang Concept
Since 1990, Mustang Motorsport has been the leader of Mustang's in Australia. We've imported, converted and complied hundreds of Mustangs over the years to exceptional quality (as stated by our many customers). Since the release of the 2015-16 S550 Mustang GT in Australia, we've gone from an importer and converter, to fully fledged Official ROUSH and SHELBY Mod Shop. We are the only place in Australia who can provide such services to our customers, meaning you can spice up your Mustang in many different ways to make yours one-of-a-kind! But at Mustang Motorsport, we never stop trying to pursue more to give Australia the best they can have, hence why this video is the unveiling of the all new Moffat Edition Mustang. Back in the 1960's and 70's, Allan Moffat drove a Trans-Am Mustang that is simply the greatest touring car Australia has ever seen. This car is unique and high sought after (fetching a very high price on the market), currently in the hands of Bowden's Own, it has been in the memory of Australian's for years and years; This is why we've designed a new Moffat Edition Mustang, so that others can relive the memory that is the Moffat Trans-Am Mustang. Through many hours of designing, collaborating with Allan Moffat himself, discussions with our designer and the team, with lots of corrections and redesigns, we've finally come up with something that looks stunning on paper, and will look even better on the new Mustang GT. With signed signature plaques, unique build numbers, and with each car going through a number of quality checks to ensure it's up to Moffat's standards, you're sure to be more than pleased with this specialised Mustang. There are limited quantities available of this special Moffat Edition Mustang, so get in quick to reserve your build, otherwise you might miss out! Check us out at, or call us on (03) 9753 5799