Moffat 1969 Trans Am Mustang in-car footage. Fantastic noise!

Allan Moffat's immortal 1969 Trans Am Mustang is one of the greats of Australian motorsport. Winning 101 of 151 races it was also one of the most successful in our nations racing history. Here is some in car footage from the Gold Coast 600 Legends demonstration event, taking it easy as there is a lot of concrete there to hit! See more of this car and others from the Bowden Collection here at

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Bathurst Classic Muscle Cars..Pure Sound.
Raw,no commentary. All sweet v8 noise. Please check out my other videos

The mighty Moffat Mustang at the 2011 Longford Revival TV doco
Is there a better sounding Ford small block V8?? An excerpt from the excellent 2011 Longford Revival TV Documentary, featuring Dan Bowden talking about driving the Allan Moffat 1969 Trans Am Mustang down the famous flying mile. Sounds pretty glorious...

V8XTRA Bowden Collection with Allan Moffat and Dick Johnson
Allan Moffat and Dick Johnson visit their famous race cars in the Bowden Collection on this special of the V8Xtra TV show.

Warwick Farm: Improved Production Touring Cars, 11th February 1973.
Improved Production Touring Cars and Sports Sedans, Warwick Farm, 11th February 1973 Featuring Pete Geoghegan in the Grace Bros Super Ford Falcon, Allan Moffat in the Coca Cola Ford Trans Am Mustang, Frank Gardner in the SCA Freight Chevrolet Camaro, John Harvey in the Bob Jane T-Marts Torana Repco and Bob Jane in his Chevrolet Camaro. Photo: Autopics