Y-Block powered FED at Famoso Raceway

This is me (Tim McMaster) and my Y-Block Ford powered front engine gas dragster Elwood. It's our first time running the 1320 at Famoso Raceway just north of Bakersfield, CA in Oct. 2010. We did fairly well for our first time out, the car ran great and had very few problems. All this on my spare pickup engine.

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Rare Y- Block in a '31 Merc
Rare Aluminum Heads on a Y Block paired with a rare '31 Canadian Merc

Y-Block powered '57 Ford, Record run?
Here is my latest attempt at the E/PP record at El Mirage dry lakes July 11 '10

Speedway Tech Talk - Ford Y Block Ram Manifolds and History
Tru-Ram® Ford Y Block Exhaust Manifolds (9300312) http://bit.ly/2fzvFbe Ford Y-Block Chrome Steel Valve Cover (91017176) http://bit.ly/2eIZCV7 Ford Y-Block Finned Valley Cover, Unpolished (91017177) http://bit.ly/2eRNyyM

1957 Y-Block Start Up in my 1928 Ford Roadster Hotrod
Starting up the 'ole girl for the first time in many years. She actually ran really well for her age.