2011 March Meet Top Fuel Dragsters Mike Stewart Brad Thompson Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

March Meet Rear Engine Top Fuel Dragsters Drag Racing Famoso Raceway Bakersfield Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Videos Nostalgia Drag Racing - Mike Stewart driving the Mike's Transmission rear engine dragster against Brad Thompson in the Rain for Rent during exhibition pass on Saturday night of Bakersfield March Meet. New class is to become a summer feature at Famoso Raceway. Bakersfield, California - Nitro

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2011 March Meet Nitro Top Fuel Front Engine Dragster Rd 1 Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos
March Meet Top Fuel Front Engine Dragsters Drag Racing Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Videos Famoso Raceway Bakersfield, CA March 19, 2011 - Rick White runs 5.678 254.09 on bye run; Brendan Murry runs 6.14 in defeat to Brett Harris' 5.693 262.08; Jim Murphy runs 5.813 249.03 mile per hour over Terry Cox early shut off 6.55; Brad Thompson's losing 5.91 to Tony Bartone's 5.801 250.09; Howard Haight uses a team best 5.85 in defeating Roger Lechtenberg's 5.94; Mike McLennan runs a 5.963 in defeating Bill Dunlap's quicker 5.958; Rick McGee singles to a 5.98 when opponent Larry Gotelli bangs the Supercharger on the burnout; Denver Schutz singles to an easy 8.47 during first round of nostalgia top fuel eliminations of 2011 Bakersfield March Meet. Nostalgia Drag Racing, Nitro Top Fuel Dragster Bartone Bros. Racing Team

2010 Bakersfield March Meet John Ewald's Nitro 101
John Ewald giving the crowd a little lesson in Nitromethane before he lights his restored 1970 BankAmericar Top Fueler. If your a fan of school AA/Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars check out his website http://www.wediditforlove.com (a.k.a. http://wdifl.com/)...it has tons of pictures and stories. This was before I had a microphone for the camcorder so it is a little hard to hear what John is saying...you might have to turn it up. Warm up footage starts about half way in the video.

Saturday Night Nitro - GoPro - Nostalgia Rear Engine Top Fuel
Onboard GoPro footage from of the Mike's Transmission Nostalgia Rear Engine Top Fuel dragster at Saturday Night Nitro held June 28th, 2014. The Mike's Transmission was piloted by Mike Stewart down Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfiled, CA.

2011 Bakersfield March Meet Nostalgia Top Fuel Session 1
Session 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojf51VCb4Ko Races include: Rick White (5.66 #1 Qualifier) vs Brad Thompson Roger Lechtenberg vs Denver Schutz Mike McLennan vs Tony Bartone Jim Murphy vs Brett Harris Rick McGee vs Bill Dunlap Howard Haight vs Terry Cox Adam Sorokin vs Brendan Murry Larry Gotelli Jr (single)