Mustang gt vs. K20 rsx part 2

Bolt on Mustang vs k20 rsx mods? I spun all through 2nd but I pulled him at the end

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2012 Mustang 3.7L vs 2004 Mustang Full Bolt On + K20 Swap Hatch
Couple fun runs in Mexico. Mod list: BBk Longtubes/BBK offroad xpipe/custom 2.5in catback/Mac Flowpaths/FRPP 3.73s/JLT cai/Bama 93H tune/J&M lca/Steeda Tri-ax/330lb passenger Also worth mentioning, the civic has run 12.5 @ 108 on a tire......

03 Mustang GT vs. 04 Acura RSX-S
Acura RSX-S modded vs. a maybe stock 03 Mustang Gt Song- Git up D12

V6 Mustang VS EVO, WRX, RSX-S : Street Race
My 2011 Mustang 3.7 vs WRX with bolt ons and and upgraded turbo off an STI RSX-S unknown mods but loud V6 Mustang Auto, CAI, Exhaust, and Tuned EVO unknown Mods

GT2871R RSX-S with PPG Straight Cut Synchro Gears
Sound clip of my RSX-S with PPG straight cut gears, gt2871r turbo, hks blowoff, 750cc injectors, walbro, RBC, 3"intake/Exhaust, Buddyclub N+ suspension, etc...