NaganoJapanese B16B Type-R S.N. 1204835.wmv

NaganoJapanese B16B Type-R S.N. 1204835.wmv

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B16B ベンチエンジン カム切り替え VTEC作動
広島市立広島工業高校自動車部で製作したB16Bベン チエンジンです。 いろいろと工夫してVTEC切り替えコントローラーを 作りました。丸いボタンが切り替えスイッチです。ボタ ンを押すと高速カムに切り替わり赤いランプが点灯しま す。 低速カムと高速カムの音の違いを聞き比べて下さい。

Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Merci Jo et Kevin
Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Quebec montreal

EK9 Civic Type R B16B Races
Drag racing in Bishopscourt in N. Ireland. First time at a drag strip but it was great day! The spec is: J's Racing 60RR Exhaust J's Racing 4-2-1 manifold 3" intake with bpi v. stack and k&n filter Exedy stage 2 clutch Fidanza aluminium flywheel MeisterR SuperRace Coilovers 16" Regamasters on Uniroyal rainsport tires Stripped interior With a J's Racing N1 Exhaust fitted the car made 178.6bhp and 154nm. See the Dyno video on my channel. The cars I was racing against were: Peugeot 106 GTI (Unknown spec) VW Beetle (It was either a 1.9 or a 2.3 litre) Silver EP3 (253bhp if I remember correctly) DC5 (Supercharged and around 400bhp) Red EP3 (Unknown spec) EG (B18?? and gutted) The tires weren't made for drag racing but being my first time at the strip I knew I wasn't going to break records ha so I left them on but next time I'll have some better rubber. I ran a few 14.5 second passes so the benchmark is set..!

JDM B16B 1800cc first engine start! (HD)
1st engine start after conversion...