Evo 8 vs Old Chevy Chevelle

Chevy ran a 12.187 @ 109.61mph w/1.766 60' Evo ran a 12.049 @ 114.46mph w/1.828 60'

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evo 9 VS BB chevy chevelle
Racing at Lebanon valley dragstrip with stock block, fp black, hittin 28 psi on street tires. (245-40-18) Also hittin rev limit on top end :(

08 Evo X MR vs Chevy Trailblazer SS
Evo is stock with lowering springs and 18" wheels. Evo X ran a 13.70 @ 99.98mph

Evo VIII VS. Chevelle
Joshs 67 Chevelle VS Evo VIII for $120. Evo FTW. Chevelle spun like crazy off the line. Rematch to come.

modded evo vs built 509ci chevelle
evo won with a crappy 7.8, spun thru first with horrible tires. the chevelle spun like crazy too!