Kawasaki KX 125 Start Up Walkaround by Alan

This is mine KX 125 2002, pretty nice and fast bike eventhough it is quite old. It was a bit cold then so it might sound a bit weird. No hating plesase.. Thanks For Watching :) Motocross 4 Life

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mon kx 125
kx 125 année 2007 , piston 5h , pot bud racing mot clé : kawasaki , yz , ktm , rm , sm , 50cc , 250cc , cross , moto

KX 250 FMF Gnarly Pipe test 2
Riding my Kawasaki KX 250 -2003 FMF Gnarly Pipe, PC Shorty Silencer, Boyesen Power Reeds, ProX Piston.

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2000 yz 125, 1991 kx 125 having fun