Feesh gets her new car surprise

Feesh gets a new car surprise after working hard and getting a full ride to a University of her choice.

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Sister's new car. SURPRISE!!
She has no idea why everyone is at the same restaurant at the same time... blondes... lol

T's Car Surprise!

Samantha's 16th Birthday - Surprise car!
We surprised our daughter with a car for her birthday. She had no idea. Her response was priceless! UPDATE: It's been almost a year since we posted this video and we wanted to answer a few of the reoccurring questions. 1. This car is a 2000 VW Beetle (15 year old car). We hid it for several months while we fixed it up and had it painted to run and look like it was brand new. 2. Samantha works part time and goes to school. She pays for her own gas, maintenance, and insurance. 3. The car still runs perfectly and she's had no accidents to date. Enjoy the video and I appreciate all your comments. They have given us many laughs over the past year!

Sweet 16 Burger Car Surprise