Feesh gets her new car surprise

Feesh gets a new car surprise after working hard and getting a full ride to a University of her choice.

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Sister's new car. SURPRISE!!
She has no idea why everyone is at the same restaurant at the same time... blondes... lol

Kelly & Ciera's Surprise 18th Birthday Car
We had someone run into the party to say someone crashed into a car in the back of the lot so everyone would run outside. When they got there they found two brand new 2011 Elantra's

Tara's Surprise Black Civic Hatchback
After looking for 3 months, I finally found my daughter her dream car, while she was on fall break in Florida. She had no clue it was waiting for her in the garage. Here is her reaction

Taylor Thompson gets her Grad gift! + Wow was she surprised!
Taylor Thompson gets the biggest surprise when her parents take her car shopping and she thinks she is just "looking" for cars. She gets punked when their song starts playing on the cd player.... it's a real tear jerker! Must see!