Infiniti G35 in the snow... with summer tires.

A test of my car in the snow, which didn't go quite as well as planned, although it did sound very cool.

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G35 coupe fun in snow
Me enjoying the weather.. xD

G35 Coupe - MN G Crew
Messing around with the iPad mini taking video and editing with Pinnacle. Just using this video to gather ideas for a video shoot. Song is Sail by AWOLNATION

What's up dudes! Anotha vlog today. This was filmed over the weekend. I talk about my job and then drive the G35 in the snow for the first time. This was its VERY first time in a good amount of snow! It did okay with all season tires but I still need to buy some winter tires just to be safe. HIT that LIKE button!! -tgm SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: My Social Media: Instagram: ThatGuyMarin Twitter: ThatGuyMarin Snapchat: nicomarin3

Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip & Slide Winter Weather - Part 1
Compilation edit of ridiculous Car Crashes and winter weather "Slip and Slide" on the roads by Professional Videographer, Doug Kiesling Footage of numerous car crashes, spin outs, stuck cars, and even some guy falling on Nicollet Mall. As far as we know, nobody was killed in any of the accidents in the crashes in this video. But A LOT of ego's were probably bruised :-) All footage shot while working freelance for various television news networks. *** Update *** We have posted Part 2 of this video on line at Contact to license the clips in this video.