Chipped Volvo S70 vs Chipped Saab 9000 turbo, Supercharged TRD 4runner Chase car

Good race, volvo pulls up top, saab down low, chase car is TRD s/c 4 runner.

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Audi S4 vs Saab 9000 Turbo
modded s4 vs modded 9000

Volvo S70 2.4T consuming coolant internal
What a adventure this should be, in the shop today is a 1999 volvo 2.4t that's loosing coolant internal, the owner purchased the vehicle from action, during my initial troubleshooting i could see sings of a previous attempt to resolve the issue, new gaskets cleaned parts and what not, i'm too the point i need to start removing the head with hopes something will jump out at us in the process, the coolant loss only happens once the vehicle has been wormed up and driven for a while, the loss of coolant is minimal, signs of a cracked head or block, guess time will tell

'98 Volvo S70 T5M Dyno Run
stock tune/SpeedTuning 17psi tune, Race Lab Fabrications 3" Downpipe, 3" straight pipe exhuast no cat, no muffler, NGK-R plugs gapped .038, Kingsborne 8.5mm wires, MSD Blaster SS Coil, MSD 6A Ignition box, Ram air intake. Ran on a DynoJet Dynometer 1st Run 225.0whp/249.6wtq 2nd Run 228.3whp/254.3wtq 3rd Aborted due to misfire 4th Run 246.7whp/291.3wtq Special Thanks to: Race Lab Fabrications European Auto Gruppe CarBoy for the Dyno

TURBO Volvo SPANKS Lambo, Vette, and MORE!
MOTHER F*CKER JONES - the 600hp turbo brick in the wind that shocked us all! Powered by a turbo LSX using an eBay special turbo ($200 shipped, to be exact) to push him down the strip at the Pikes Peak Airstrip attack! This is the first Volvo on 1320Video, it’s unique as hell, and this guy was having an absolute BLAST! Mother F*cker Jones Facebook Page: -------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►