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Here's a little look into a normal weekend for me at da house i know im not rich or anthing but we have fun and thats what counts thank you guys for watching it would help if you guys could like, comment or share my videos thanks guys!!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS: WATCH MY LAST VIDEO HERE : FOLLOW ME ON THESE!!!: MY INSTAGRAM: MY TWITTER: MY FACEBOOK: FILMED BY: ASH'CHEN HUDSON @ASHXRARE

Skater vs. Mom
Theres a bit of a long back story but its to long to explain. It's basicly some false accusations on the mothers part and so an argument starts. just enjoy the shouting :P thumbs up for idiot yelling in the background and the other little kid yelling :D

Chaz Ortiz GO ALL DAY

Angry dad Fights Young Skater!
instagram @Medicadetion Comment your thoughts. the Dad was yelling at the kid because the kid was cussing near his children. but still threatening to beat up a kid isn't cool. Took place in Richmond VA Ashland Skatepark. Angry mom fights skaters!