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Skater vs. Mom
Theres a bit of a long back story but its to long to explain. It's basicly some false accusations on the mothers part and so an argument starts. just enjoy the shouting :P thumbs up for idiot yelling in the background and the other little kid yelling :D

SLAP - One in a Million 2012 Full [All Episodes]
This season of OIAM sucked ass. Check these out instead: OIAM 2010 ( ) OIAM 2009 ( ) ___ SLAP's 2012 One in a Million contest edited into one big long movie so you can watch this trainwreck of a contest unfold with minimal interruptions (no intros/outros/advertisements). Seriously, this thing really sucked, especially considering how good 2010 was. Sad. we miss you Whiteley! For a bit more background on why this was such a disaster, see this three part article series @ Jenkemmag: e-in-a-million-part-1/ Subscribe to the RIDE Channel: SLAP on Youtube: SLAP on Vimeo: SLAP's Site:

Paul Rodriguez Day in the Life
Active Ride Shop spends a day in a life with Paul Rodriguez. Shop P-Rods sponsors here Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Blog:

Street Dreams - Full Movie - Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek & Ryan Sheckler - Berkela Films [HD]
Like all skaters, Derrick Cabrera dreams of being sponsored and one day going pro, but the world is against him. After getting arrested, he runs away with his skateboarding crew to Florida for a big skateboarding contest that will change his life. Subscribe for more skate movies! Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Available for download on iTunes: / Amazon: / Google Play: /