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on board with the Hillmanator round brands indy

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Hillman imp Oulton Park Gold cup 2011
Hectic start to gold cup race in hillman

Rob's Hillman Imp - Low Conformists
Rob's Hillman Imp gathers a lot of attention at the UK's VAG shows and so it should, the attention to detail on this car is insane, Rob has owned and worked on this car for 11 years now! Despite the history of the Hillman Imp, this example is one of very few that present the car in a positive way! Famously known for being unreliable - Rob's Imp is famously known for being dropped to the floor on some gorgeous Ronal wheels! The Stance Works feature on the car - http://www.stanceworks.com/2014/11/rob-cumberbatchs-hillman-imp/ Rob's Instagram: @robertiain LEP Automotive: @lep_automotive https://www.facebook.com/LiamEylesProductions Credit to the BBC for the sound clips from the BBC 4 Documentary 'The Car's The Star - Hillman Imp' Song: Win32 - Color of Napalm Filmed & Edited by Liam Eyles.

Hillman Imp Restoration
A montage of restoration pictures from start to finish of Hillman Imp GT Song - U2 - With Or Without You.

hillman imp Silverstone finals on board with the hillmanator 1of2
Good race in the wet,until catching the electric water pump switch whilst turning the wipers off !