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on board with the Hillmanator round brands indy

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UK TV Program 2006 BBC1 Linwood and The Hillman Imp
Fascinating program looking at production of the Hillman Imp, including interviews with past members of the Linwood workforce. It also examines the wider workforce, trade union, management and government relationships which existed throughout much of UK manufacturing in the 1960's and 70's.

Hillman imp Oulton Park Gold cup 2011
Hectic start to gold cup race in hillman

Hillman imp Bathurst 2008

hillman imp 1200cc testing out mercedes propshaft couplings
Thought i would try out these merc propshaft couplings, machined them to suit 1/2" unf cap head bolts, made some spacers,well pleased with them, a cheap alternative to the comp rotoflex joint!