1982 Volkswagen Rabbit L commercial.

1982 Volkswagen Rabbit L commercial.

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1982 Volkswagen Jetta
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Volkswagen Rabbit Commercial (1976)
Volkswagen Rabbit commercial. Aired July, 1976. "The best car in the world for under $3,500." No copyright claims. Posted for museum purposes only. Visit BionicDisco.com for 1970s pop culture fun. Updated daily.

1982 vw rabbit diesel warm cold start
1982 rabbit diesel sitting 2½ years cold start...but it was a warm day. thanks for watching!

1984 VW Rabbit GTI
Walk around a 1984 VW rabbit GTI only 57,xxx original miles. It is for sale on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Volkswagen-Rabbit-GTI-1984-Volkswagen-Rabbit -GTI-Orig-Paint-57-5k-miles-5-speed-no-rust-a-c-/321148064893?pt=US_Cars_Tr ucks&hash=item4ac5ea947d&vxp=mtr