ADGP ROUND 3 TV SHOW part 2- 2012 Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP - PART 2

Check out part 2 of the TV coverage of Round 3 of the 2012 Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix held at Mallala Motorsport Park

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Cody's D1NZ Drifting Highlights - Round 2 Whangarei - 2012/13 Season
Find Us On Facebook Highlights of Round 2 of the Cody's Burbon & Cola D1NZ National Drifting Championship from the Toll Whangarei Custom Drift Circuit. For extended coverage including interviews, onboard footage and highlights from Pro-Am make sure you are subscribed to our new dedicated YouTube channel! Dont Miss The Action. D1NZ Round 2 1. Daniel Woolhouse (Whangarei, Castrol Edge Holden) 2. Nico Reid (Auckland, Luxury Sports Nissan S15) 3. Andrew Redward (Auckland, Achilles Tyre Mazda RX7 V8) 4. Curt Whittaker (Auckland, Autosure 2JZ Nissan Skyline R32) 5. Gary 'Gaz' Whiter (Dargaville, Tectaloy Nissan S14 V8) 6. Zak Pole (Auckland, Bullet HD Nissan Skyline R34) 7. Carl Ruiterman (Pukekohe, GT Radials/Gull Nissan S14) 8. Troy Forsythe (Christchurch, Southern Drifters Nissan S13) 9. Jason Sellers (Waiuku, Wongs Kitchen 2JZ Nissan Laurel) 10. Daynom Templeman (NAC Insurance/Achilles Tyre Mazda RX7) Championship Points (After Round 2) 1. Daniel Woolhouse 204 2. Curt Whittaker 174 3. Nico Reid 146.5 4. Andrew Redward 143 5. Daynom Templeman 129 6. Ben Belcher 127.5 7. Gaz Whiter 127 8. Carl Ruiterman 124.5 9. Sky Zhao 116.5 10. Brad Lauder 115 2012/13 Calendar Rnd 1: Oct 26-27 2012 Manfeild Feilding Rnd 2: Dec 01-02 2012 Whangarei Rnd 3: Jan 19-20 2013 Tauranga Rnd 4: March 01-02 2013 Hampton Downs incl. Legends Challenge Rnd 5: March 30-31 2013 Ruapuna Raceway Christchurch Rnd 6: April-May 2013 Grand Final Pukekohe Park Raceway Featured Music: OBC - Time Remix -p Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

Check out part 1 of the television coverage of Round 4 of the 2012 Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix held at Barbagallo Raceway in WA

Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 Best 16

GUY MARTIN TT Isle of Man Lap on-board Honda 1000 - 1 of 2
On-board with the TT's quickest ever recorded lap in the Senior TT 2007 race in the TT's 100th Anniversary Year with British rider, GUY MARTIN (who provides the lap commentary), wired up with Greenlight Television's (we have written permission from Greenlight by the way Base79! Note the on-screen logos.) mini-bullet-cams. Learn how to ride the Island - FAST! And now some FAQs for the feckin' dum-dums out there who are deliberately trolling this video: - The guy talking *IS* the rider (f*ck me, is it not obvious!? Seriously. Wake-up d**k***d!) - The guy talking is called Guy - The guy talking has a surname.... Martin... (for those who can't process 2 names at once) - The guy talking is from Lincolnshire... which is in ENGLAND, which is within the United Kingdom (the UK has 4 countries - England, Scotland (nearly wasn't by 4%), Wales & Northern Ireland. England isn't just "England" when you really mean the UK). - The guy talking talks fast. Deal with it. Or just rewind the video (that's what the knob is for... and I don't mean the one that you're looking down at from your lofty trolling tower of your arrogant head) - The guy talking is riding a Honda 1000... very fast (the film is not speeded up - geez, are some folks that stupid!?) - this was BEFORE his current Tyco BMW days. Like, you know... in the past. - The guy talking is riding at the TT (Google it, you lazy bastard) -- that doesn't mean "Time Trial"... it's the "Tourist Trophy" - The TT is held on a little island (think of it as the Belly Button) in the Irish Sea called the "Isle of Man" -- that's in the bit of deep water between the two islands that make up Ireland and Great Britain - herein known as the "smaller island" and the "bigger island" (for the pompous crowd that call GB the "Mainland"). No Prod or Cafflick politics here. Just guys who all like bikes. - The TT is held in mid-JUNE each year. - The guy talking has a mini bullet camera (in the days before GoPro!) on his bike that was shot in 4:3 (not HD and not 16:9 widescreen - accept it!) by the awesomeness that is Greenlight Television (thank you to Richard @ Greenlight for letting us upload it in the first place. Gentleman). It was done in the past pre-GoPro era. Okay!! Deal with it. It is what it is. I can't go back in my DeLorean and change it. - For the last time, the guy talking is not a "Limey Announcer"... it's GUY MARTIN - living legend. OTHER FAQs - The music at the start is "Where's Your Head At" by Basement Jaxx. - There's a part 2/2 to this video which is the 2nd half of this lap (this video is only the first half, so it doesn't "just stop"! Duh.).