BMW 335i Drag Race Technique

BMW 335i Drag Race Technique: 1. Burn some rubber before start. 2. Oil Temp: 75-90 C 3. Tank: 100 - 110 octane 4. 2nd gear launch @ 3500 RPM 5. DTC ON 6. shift as below ratios: 1-2...7k 2-3...6800 3-4...6600 4-5...6200 5-6...6k

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Jason drag racing BMW 335i inside view PRP 9-29-2011 Run #2, 12.8 sec
Watch it in HD! Procede v5 everything else stock. Ran 12.8 at 108mph. 58 degrees, 1/4 tank gas, 28PSI in rear tires.

Camaro SS x Dodge Challenger SRT x BMW 335i Drag Race @ 201 mts HD
racha pista arrancada pato branco 09 11 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS x vs Dodge Challenger SRT X BMW 335i vb71

BMW 335i Coupe 0-60 MPH in 3.93 seconds.
Here's a 0-60 mph run with my N54 335i Stage 2 (downpipes, tune, and intake). Launched in 2nd gear at around 2,200 rpms. Result - 3.9 Seconds. 1st gear launches are slower due to wheel spin (4.2's).

Dragracing 101 - The Tree and Staging
What's a "Christmas tree"? How does "deep staging" work? Why is that red bulb lit? These, and many other questions are answered on this episode of Drag Racing 101