1g DSM Tribute

a tribute to the greatest cars of their time and still yet today.. some of these cars i know as well as my own being in this show hope you enjoy..

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John Shepherd's 1G Talon Runs and Slowmo Launch at 2011 DSM / EVO Shootout
A compilation of John's Shepherd's 2 runs in his 1g talon at the 2011 DSM / EVO Shootout with slow motion launch.

1g DSM vs 2g DSM
1g Mitsubishi Eclipse awd 5-speed: Stock engine, FP68hta, e85, bolt-ons. 2g Eagle Talon awd automatic: Stock engine, GT35R, e85, bolt-ons. 2g Eagle Talon usually has a 50 shot of Nitrous to get the auto into Boost on launch, but for this race it was agreed that no Nitrous be used.

Eclipse GSX launch
1G dsm Mostly Stock Mod list: DSM link V3 fic 650cc Injectors

DSM Aluminum rod race motor first start up
First start up of my R&R/Wiseco HD race motor. Tuning the setup tomorrow and hitting the track later this week.