Funcion de amortiguadores


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Explicación sobre la diferencia entre los Amortiguadores Mono-Tubo y Bi-Tubo KYB cuenta con más aplicaciones de Mono-Tubo que cualquier otra compañía.

Funcionamiento de un amortiguador

Monroe Training Video 2014 - Twin Tube Shock Absorbers
An educational video describing the mechanism inside Monroe's shock absorber products, in particular the twin tube and gas charged twin tube shock absorbers.

Front shocks replacement (Mac Pherson).
To give an idea of the job if you want to do it yourself or if a pro do it for you. it's just to give an idea i'm not a pro. Only special tool needed is a spring compressor. This job must be done with the hands and the brain. There is a very big tension on the spring once compressed. Compression must be equally distributed on the two compressors and they must be positionned in a symetrical way .