Byron Wheelstand Contest 2012 #Competition #Byron #Wheelie

In 2012 This was the first time I had ever gone to the Byron Wheelstand Contest in Byron, Illinois. It is a wheelie competition every October and the biggest one in the world (from what they advertise, and I believe it). This was an unusually warm October so it was very comfortable watching this event and I remember the Green Bay Packers were playing at the same time so I could hear people listening to the game also. The first wheelie I saw at this show was the Yellow 1967 Camaro that you see in the beginning of this video, It went up nice and smooth and then something happened and it came crashing down sideways and a front wheel fell off. Unreal, I was in shock and I was hooked on this ever since. If you look in my Youtube channel you will see all the years of this event after this one that I have taken video of. Great time but it normally is cold and sometimes snowing. Crazy. In this video there is so many good cars but some popular ones are A.J. Fiorelli and his 1968 Barracuda “Airborne Cuda”, Brian Ambrosini and his 1974 AMC Gremlin, Ricky Kirkpatrick and his 1981 Chevy Malibu wagon, Marty Robertson and his 1968 Barracuda “Badfish” in which he won this event but then he actually crashed after this race at another track and totaled the car out. #PlaygroundofPower #Wheelie #Wheelstand #Byron #BrianAmbrosini #Ambrosini #Fiorelli #RickyKirkpatrick #Chevy

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Street Outlaws Cars at Outlaw Armageddon 2.0 Race: #DaddyDave, #MurderNova, #BoostedGT, #Kamikaze
This is a video I took of all your favorite Street Outlaws Cars at Outlaw Armageddon 2.0 Race in August of 2016 at Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble Oklahoma. This was the second annual race of its kind and it was jammed packed just like the first race was in 2015. The drivers and cars I took video of are: Shawn Ellington's "Murder Nova", James Goad's "Reaper SS", Jeff Lutz's Mad Max, Jerry "Monza" Johnston's "Sinister Split Bumper Camaro", Chris Hamilton's "BoostedGT", Joe Woods "Dominator", "Kamikaze" Chris, Dave Comstock "Daddy Dave", Derek Travis "Silver Unit", and James "Doc" Love "Street Beast". It is awesome going to this event and watching the classic muscle cars drag race against each other and also to be able to meet the drivers in the pits and check out the cars. Murder Nova and Big Chief always have there cars tucked away behind gates so you can't get close but the rest of the cars are out in the open. Big Chief actually wasn't racing at this event, he had recently crashed his Pontiac GTO The Crow and was working on the Crow 2.0 and didn't bring it out to this race. Also it is pretty cool but if you look in the group of people standing around the cars at the starting line you will see a lot of the Street Outlaw people standing around. I was surprised to see Shane McAlary walking out with Murder Nova's car because he had recently crashed his Chevy Vega and totaled it out and had to be nursing some injuries. When he walks away from Murder Nova's car he greets Farm Truck and Azn, but if you look around in some of the videos you will see Chuck, Big Chief, Murder Nova, Tina Pierce, and Daddy Dave standing around chatting with people. Enjoy the video and watch out for my next one which will be of the Street Outlaw cast specifically at the track. Be sure to Like and Subscribe to my Channel if you have not already. #MurderNova, #ReaperSS, #MadMax, #JeffLutz, #Monza, #BoostedGT, #Dominator, #Kamikaze, #DaddyDave, #SilverUnit, #StreetBeast.

Wheelies: Top 10 Best Wheelstands Of 2016
Here is a pick of my top 10 favorite wheelies I video taped in 2016. There is some other great videos of wheelies I took in 2016 and I will put that together in another video but enjoy this one with some fast paced drag racing and wheelie action at Byron Dragway and Thunder Valley Raceway Park with the Street outlaws at Outlaw Armageddon 2.0 #Wheelie #Wheelstands

Byron Wheelstand Contest 2014
Byron Wheelstand Contest 2014 Make sure to Like, Favorite and Share this video and Subscribe if you haven't do so already at: Share this Video: Subscribe To My Channel And See More Great Racing Action: Follow me here: #wheelie #wheelies #turbo #turbocharger #Camaro #Race #Racing #Competition #DragRacing #WheelieCompetition #Jeffwild #rickykirkpactrick #brianambrosini #Ajfiorelli

Richard Hutchins warming up his '73 VW 427 BBC Supercharged on Methanol last season at Byron, takes part in RT66'S BURNDOWN AT SUNDOWN 6-7-14 and wheelstands the full 1/4 mile with an elapsed time of 10.11@128.97mph