2000 Mercury Cougar

2000 Mercury Cougar

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cougar promo
Promotional video for MY business (Illstyle Custom Car Design) and My custom car (2000 Roush Cougar)! www.illstylecustoms.com

my red 1999 mercury cougar
wanna be fast

Progress video for my 2000 Mercury Cougar (July '13)
Just a little video showing the progress on my car. Please comment and let me know whatcha think!(: Will be making random progress videos as I put more work into my car. Subscribe!

How to Bypass Fuel Problem on Mercury Cougar
http://mylittlehomestead.com/mroffonbypassfuelproblem.html DIY: When fuel pump stops working at a quarter tank of gas. Nothing seems to work even after replacing the fuel pump and removing water in the tank. This fixes the problem but means altering your fuel pump assembly. Do so at your own risk. Music Credits: Youtube Free Use Music: Everyone You Know and Whiskey This was done on a 2000 Mercury Cougar but problem is found in the Mercury Mystique & some Ford models as well.