2000 Mercury Cougar

2000 Mercury Cougar

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cougar promo
Promotional video for MY business (Illstyle Custom Car Design) and My custom car (2000 Roush Cougar)! www.illstylecustoms.com

Borla Muffler on a 2002 Mercury Cougar
I got a Borla Type-S for my 2002 Mercury Cougar. It has a 2.0L 4 Cyl. It sounds really good, especially for a 4 Cyl. I did a before and after of the muffler, the muffler also added a little bit of power to my car. It isn't one of those crappy sounding fart can mufflers that sound like something is about to blow up. It has a good deep tone to it. I say this was a very good purchase...

2000 Mercury Cougar won't start, no spark, not fuel pump.
This may be what's wrong. Fuel pump and lines are fine, battery is fine. Sensors are fine. Frozen pipes are bad.

my red 1999 mercury cougar
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