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January 2007: My first rFactor drift!
Cleaning up my drives... Very early in my modding days, JTbo (modder) made a Volvo 360, which looks like your grandmother's car, but is actually rear wheel drive. Ahh how far have we come! Sim gear at the time: - Bungee cord (no FFB!) wheel with single turn potentiometer - DIY pedals with 50kg loadcell (of course!) - Shifter from an even older Thomas Superwheel - Seat from an old Toyota Starlet cup racer (it smelled like fuel for years..) - 20" 4:3 LCD (huge in 2007!) - 11.6 square meter student room! :D

rFactor Drifting - Tokyo drift parking lot
It's my first time drifting around this parking lot so there are some fails :) PS: Drifting with keyboard

Rfactor - Drift the R32 in Kanagawa
Nissan Skyline R34 - team thailand 500Hp 60° Steering lock, 1-way lsd first time with a 270 ° Steering wheel, because i have problems with my diy 900° wheel Track: Music from Mirrors Edge OST

mad mikes rx7 Rfactor
first time drifting mad mikes rx7 rotary on Rfactor using a controller hope you enjoy:)