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[rFactor] Initial D Style - Peugeot 106 Rallye vs Toyota AE86 Levin @ Akina
Ohai guys, I just got the Peugeot 106 from Rallyworld mod, which was recently released, and since there are a few in my country (IRL), and it's one of my dream cars, I decided to spend some work on it visually, and a bit when it comes to physics. So I did, and managed to use it against IDUS AE86 Levin, me vs a friend. I hope you guys enjoy it :) Mods: Rallyworldmod 4.0 (GroupA5 addon); Initial D - Ultimate Stage Track: Akina Downhill (R.K. Tracks 1.00) Tires used: Ryan's tires on the Peugeot, and the ones that came along with the mod on the AE86 Songs: 1- Initial D - Love is in Danger 2- Leslie Parrish - Remember Me Once again, enjoy! :D

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Forza 4 - Nissan Skyline Fujimi Kaido Drift
Video made by PRT Kashmir, check out his channel! PRT Kashmir:

LFS - 4AGE KE71 Drifting @ Irwindale Speedway [720p 50FPS]
Few solo runs on this 4AGE Powered Toyota Corolla KE71 at Irwindale Speedway layout made by Vano Paniashvili! Car specs [highlights]: - High rev (limited@~9.600RPM) Built 1.6L 4AGE producing around 185PS; - Revolver Type A Gearbox replicated in the setup; - 185/60 R14 tires on some Watanabe wheels; - Clutch pedal works (lmao). I'll leave a link bellow for a file with my NTO settings, Setup and Engine Sounds init along with a README containing other links and info regarding the car I'm using. Toyota Corolla KE71 w/ Built 4A-GE (185ps): Layout: Hope you guys enjoy it! :3