E55 AMG Kleemann start.MPG

W210 E55 AMG Kleemann 520 hp start

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2001 E55 AMG Mercedes Benz (260kw unsupercharged) VS early/mid 70's Camaro.

W210 E55 AMG Kompressor 100-200 km/h in 7.2s
Check my other vids for technical details. Changings since the 8.2s run with 600hp/920nm where new Camshafts, better Supercharger and completely new designed supercharged air cooling. Dynorun coming up in february at RENNtech Germany on a superflow SF880 Dyno. :)

Mercedes-Benz E320CDI W210 Drifting

Mercedes E55 AMG W210 Supercharger HPS + Kleemann headers 500hp 100-200 acceleration
HPS Supercharger, Kleemann headers, AMS Pulley, bigger Injektors, fuel and water cooling with klima Intercooler, 200cpi cats,.....