LSX Maverick, turbo with Holley EFI

72 Ford Maverick with stock 5.3 LSX, 76mm turbo, Holley EFI,

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Holley EFI Dominator UNBOXING for the Turbo 6.0 LSx '92 Camaro Build
This is the unboxing of the Holley EFI Dominator kit that I will be running on the turbo LSx swapped '92 Camaro. I will later show this system on a LSx engine running on an engine stand to help explain how it is set up. After that we'll get a closer look at how it is set up in the vehicle. This system isn't necessarily a kit. Its like building blocks. You add the piece that you need or want to it, depending on your build. Not everything in this video or listed below will be needed for all LS projects. I've added a couple things, like the fuel pressure transducer. Thats one thing cool about this system is how flexible it is and the options you can add to monitor the engine. For more information on these parts or to find a part number for the part that you need, check out Holley's page: -Part number and price - Prices pulled from SummitRacing on 4-3-2014: Dominator ECU - Part # 200R574A - $1,781.95 LS1 Main Harness - Part # 558-102 - $334.95 Main Power Harness - Part # 558-308 - $54.95 4L60/80 Trans Harness - Part # 558-405 - $155.95 LS Injector Harness - Part # 558-201 - $89.95 Wide Band O2 Sensor - Part # 554-101 - $91.95 100PSI Pressure Transducer - Part # 554-102 - $111.95 Check out my other videos like this on the link below:

Holley's EFI Dominator for Drag Racing
We get a chance to take a look at the stand out features and functions of the latest and greatest Holley EFI Dominator system as we walk the pits and talk to some EFI tuning experts and racers at the NMCA Bakersfield World Finals. View more at: SUBSCRIBE to the POWERTV YOUTUBE Channel -- ***** Visit Power Automedia's Online Magazines! Power Automedia is the #1 Automotive Performance Digital Publisher! Ford & Mustang - LSX GM - Hot Rods & Muscle Cars - Drag Racing - Street Rods! - Chevy Muscle Cars - Engine Performance - Corvette - Off Road - Diesel Trucks -

1972 Ford Maverick Grabber
1972 Ford Maverick Grabber, start up, idling, rev.. 306 cubic inch. Headers, H-pipe, full 2-1/2" Exhaust with Dynomax Ultra Flow mufflers. er=6019&searchid=&orderby=views&direction=DESC&cutoffdate=-1 Recorded in 1080p with a Sony DSC-HX9V. My 71 Plymouth: pg

Dodge Viper V10 in a Ford Maverick Build Video 3 - Engine Removal / Oil Pan Issues This is video blog three of the Viper powered Maverick build up. Today I was able to pull the engine and transmission out of the car so the next phase of modifications could be made. First, because the engine is mounted so low in the vehicle to fit under the stock hood...the oil pan is going to need fairly serious modification to give a practical amount of ground clearance. Next, I wanted to turn the engine upside down to dump the dog food that a rat had stashed in the intake manifold galley and get ready for the cam swap which will be in an upcoming video. Thanks for watching and I'll keep the videos coming as often as I get a chance to work on the car!