Dodge T-Rex 6x6 Rolls over camera man.

Dodge T-Rex 6x6 rolls over the camera man for an under side shot of this truck. All stock except for the links, springs and axles. Built well. 140,000 miles of the most grueling torture any truck should be exposed to and it still keeps going.

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Dodge T-Rex 6x6 attempts Eagles Nest
Dodge T-Rex 6x6 attempting Eagles Nest. It was slick granit, we finally had to winch to get over the lip. We'll be back on a dryer warmer day!!!

Patriot Campers Megatourer - 6X6 Land Cruiser Build
In 2016 Patriot Campers took the Australian 4X4 world by storm with the release of their LC79 Supertourer dubbed the ‘Black Truck’. The media coverage the Black Truck received far exceeded the expectations of the four year old Camper Trailer and Supertourer manufacturer based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. The Black Truck set a new standard for the Australian off road industry and Patriot Campers gathered the best of the best suppliers to build the ultimate touring vehicle to international acclaim. And...we’ve done it again. Introducing the Patriot Campers Megatourer.

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