Huge Chevy Jump!

My 1983 Chevy catchin some great air!

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Tuff Trucks Part I
The tuff truck competition during the Monster Truck show at Sheridan Wyoming - June 11, 2011

540 big block chevy hill climb
damn black chevy at sand hills by st. helen mi. labor day 2010

DVDs & SWAG - This guy saw the buggies hill climbing and said his Brand New Chevy Rental Truck could do that too! I hope he got the insurance! The truck takes a Beat Down. The kid goes to jail. This could be a Chevy Truck Commercial. Follow us on Facebook-

Redneck Fire Starter
Subscribe to my other youtube channel: Http:// My Cousin Using His Truck To Light A Pile Of Leave's on Fire and Using His FlameThrower on his truck !!Comment!!