Supercharged and Nitrous RSX

Supercharged and Nitrous RSX at the track trying to get traction

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supercharged rsx vs wicked evo 8 and fast ralliart
Me and a couple friends having some fun doing highway pulls Mods are in the video most runs were between 30-45mph pulls All rights go to phoenix for the song 1901

Worlds Fastest All Motor Acura RSX
K Phonix gave us the opportunity of filming their world record breaking all motor RSX. This is a very clean, very streetable RSX making 335whp naturally aspirated. Fastest time to date is 11.3

Turbo B16 Civic vs Nitrous RSX vs B18 CRX
turbo B16 hatch vs 100shot RSX vs LS swapped CRX Subscribe ✔ Like Us On Facebook 👍 Follow Us On Instagram 📷 BAR 🏁

Supercharged Nitrous Rsx-S
Stock K20A2 Jackson Racing Supercharger MercRacing aftercooler MercRacing inlet Hybrid Racing throttle body 3.5" short intake DC Sports race header IMW-Spec 3" stainless Exhaust K24 crank pulley 3" blower pulley ID1000cc injectors NOS dry system, controlled through K-Pro .032 single jet 430hp/327tq