I went for a ride in a 1000hp dmax and after that built my own. Check out my personal 1000hp motor at www.undergrounddieselperformance.com or watch my 11.0@126 run by youtubin "Underground Diesel Performance 11.0"

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twin turbo duramax sleeper vs 6.7 dodge cummins

Lope tune! Dodge cummin! Got smoke??
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Ride in a 1000hp duramax
Took my brother for a ride in my race truck for the first time ever. Truck has ran a best of 10.57 @ 134mph at 5700lbs on a 100 shot of Nitrous. Video was fuel only. S483 single remote mount turbo, Mike L trans, 100% sticks, dual stock CP3's and some luck!! Damn hands were in the way but got a great reaction nonetheless!!

2015 Duramax 750hp twin turbo Denali vs 2013 Duramax deleted rolling start aerial video
www.PLPTP.com 2015 GMC Sierra Duramax Denali twin turbo 750hp vs 2013 Chevy Silverado deleted Duramax. Go pro video and also Aerial video shot from Phantom 2 Vision Plus quad copter. The 2013 gets the jump due to a rev limiter issue being in 2x4. The computer wants to see rpm vs tire speed equal in its way of thinking. So its basically like the truck still had traction control on. Will get some more vids up once we get that fixed in the tuning and have some more time! For tuning and parts Email PrestonLawrenz@gmail.com 2015 has S475 billet with a 3794 billet in the valley, 60% overs, 10mm CP3 conversion, built trans. 2013 has just a Sport Econ Tune and Exhaust.