Dick Johnson in Falcon GTHO at Leyburn Sprints 2009

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Dick Johnson rear wing snap - Conrod straight
Dick Johnson rear wing snaps at the end of conrod straight during the Bathurst championship round in 1995

Leyburn Sprints 71 Ford XY GT
Jamie Chant at 2010 Leyburn sprints. 5.8L

v8 escort leyburn sprints 2012
ford escort v8 run 6 sunday 48.02

Dick Johnson drives Tru Blu after 25 years in hibernation.
Gasolene TV visited the big Longford Revival meeting and did this great segment on Dick Johnson in his famous Tru Blu Bathurst winning Falcon. Which was only recently refurbished by Bowden's Own after being in hibernation for over 25 years. You can find the full clip from this Longford event on the Gasolene TV YouTube account.