1960's saloon car racing

A short film showing images of saloon car racing in the 1960's.

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Saloon Cars Own Race (1962)
Full title reads: "Brands Hatch. Saloon Cars Own Race". Brands Hatch, Kent. Six hour saloon car race. GV Cars on the track at Brands Hatch. SV Ditto. SV Mechanic spinning a wheel. CU Mechanic putting petrol in car. SV An engine. CU An Indian mechanic. CU Pan. Elizabeth Jones and her co-driver Pauline Mayman. CU Mike Parkes putting on safety strap. CU Christopher Lawrence in straw hat. CU Another driver fitting safety belt. GV The start of the race. GV Cars coming round bend. GV Mike Parkes in his Jaguar coming round the bend. LV Pan. Parkes going along straight. GV A Mini leading an Anglia. GV Pan. Vauxhall going past camera. GV Car No 39 Volvo of Jacques Patte having run off the track. SV Ditto. CU The driver drinking from beaker. GV Cars coming round track. SV Cars coming round bend. SV Ford Zodiac of Paul Hawkins in the pit. SV Petrol being poured in. GV Pan. Mike Parkes going past camera. GV Pan. Car No 3 Jaguar of Mike Salmon going past camera followed very closely by a Mini. LV An Anglia lying on its roof. GV As Parkes is flagged home the winner. CU Parkes. SV People watching. CU Parkes and his co-driver Jimmy Blumer. (Orig. Neg.) FILM ID:1733.17

Thruxton 1970
Race meeting Thruxton 1970

Gordon Spice Crystal Palace 1969
A short preview of the www.minifilms.co.uk production of Gordon Spice\s 1969 race at Crystal Palace. Original race footage combined with a new interview with Gordon make this a must-have for any Mini fan

1971 British Saloon Cars Crystal Palace
The British Saloon Car Championship racing at the Crystal Palace circuit. Original BBC coverage shown during the "100 Greatest Sporting Moments" show somewhere in the 1980s. If you'd like to see more like this send me a message.