coches abandonados y olvidados

recopilación de imágenes de vehículos a abandonados + una imagen de como deberían ser

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Forgotten Volkswagen Single Cab
How does an old Volkswagen Single Cab get buried under 3 feet of dirt? Took 45 years to bury this Volkswagen and almost 2 days to dig it out. Have a look. Took the Syncro for a Sunday drive and spotted an old single cab in the foothills outside Idaho Falls. This is nine hours worth of digging condensed into a 15 minute video. It had been sitting in a wash since 1967. It was buried under two feet of dirt but it's extremely rust free given the circumstances. The drop gates hadn't seen the light of day for 45 years. IF YOU HAVE A VOLKSWAGEN THAT NEEDS RESCUED OR KNOW OF ONE GIVE US A CALL AT (208)200-6053. We also consign Volkswagens if you have one you want to sell. Thanks Skeeters. Thanks for all the phone calls and emails about Forgotten VW's that we have received. This video has helped rescue several abandoned and otherwise forgotten VW's that may have been left for dead including a very cool 1960 VW Double Cab that we got out of Missouri that had been sitting since 1965. We also recently returned from Mission Viejo California where we picked up a 1961 SO-23 Westfalia. This bus had been sitting since 1980. We got a tip on that bus after someone saw the Forgotten Single Cab video. Give us a call today if you know of one. Thanks again. Skeeters (208)200-6053 Check us out on Instagram @volkswear Music by Big Thanks to Danosongs for the awesome royalty free music that really made this video. Buy "Crawled out of a Grave" here:

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carros antigos abandonados
veiculos abandonados um relaxo total da falta de amor a todas essas obras de arte.

El galpón tenía unas imponentes puertas de hierro soldadas de modo que no era fácil saber que había dentro del mismo sin derribar las mismas. De hecho a nadie le preocupaba demasiado porque pensaban que adentro solo habría basura amontonada.