Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - Cannonball (David Carradine)

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - Cannonball (David Carradine) 1973

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'69 Mustang GT in Cannonball
1969 Ford Mustang GT and a 1968 Dodge Charger in Cannonball, 1976. Also known as Carquake, starring David Carradine. Don't confuse this movie with Cannonball Run. CC

Firebird Fórmula 455 SD Trans AM 1973
El Diablo en 4 Ruedas.Producciones

Cannonball 1976
This is another story of the secret Coast to Coast auto race across America The only rule is, the first to finish is the winner. Naturally, anyone driving 55 isn't going to win. They'll need to drive a little faster than that. Well actually, they will need to drive a LOT faster that 55.

Gumball Rally Camaro
A few clips from the movie The Gumball Rally 1976