ARCA at Atlanta 1996 - the vicious crashes: (pt.2/5)

Ron Burchette (#30) and Delma Cowart (#0) crash on the backstretch. Burchette would be airlifted to a hospital, he suffered a concussion and was sore all over, but no other injuries.

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ARCA at Atlanta 1996 - the vicious crashes: (pt.3/5)
Perry Tripp (#6) crashes and gets drilled by Doug Reid (#05) Jeff Jones (#8) spins through the accident. Tripp broke some ribs.

5 Indycar Racing Deaths Live
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ARCA at Atlanta 1996 - the vicious crashes: (pt.1/5)
Mickey Hudspeth (#24) slides into the wall and begins his wild flip and gets struck by John Gill (#80). Dill Whittymore (#56), Kevin Ray (#43), Billy Thomas (#22), Blaise Alexander (#26) and Mike Swaim Jr. (#90) pile into the accident. Roger Blackstock (#48) spins coming up to the accident but doesn't hit anything. Ray, Alexander and Whittymore give their views about what they saw. Hudspeth would have his hand amputated at the wrist. Gill would need surgery on a broken bone on his left arm and two broken bones in his neck.

Accidentes espectaculares (Crash)
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