Green bros Hatch @ Rotary summerdrags nz 2010

Na 13b pp powered 323 hatchback

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Green Brothers Racing Mazda 13B Turbo 323 Wagon 9.8 @ 137 NAC Drag Combat 2012
Greens Wagen At NAC Drag Combat

Dirt dragging the workshop hack - 13B turbo 323
9 second street car trying something different at the MD dirt drags Kihikihi 2012. Even on low Boost getting traction was difficult! It's a 500hp 4wd Crewman in the other lane, unfortunately for him he was on street tyres but it was still quick and he won the 4wd class.

RX2 sedan @ Rotary summerdrags 2010 NZ
Dan piloting his rx2 , ex YTUBIT

Mazda 3 2014 Skyactive-G 165 - acceleration 0-220 km/h and more dynamic tests
One of the last naturally aspirated engines in the compact class on European market. Surprisingly good and potent. More at zdory/