Blue SRT-4

Just A short Vid Of My Cousin's Srt-4 Passing By, Let Me Know Wat U think

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Nickos SRT4
Self made video of my SRT4. I've owned it since 2009 and I enjoy keeping it well maintained. I decided to make this for fun since I hadn't taken pics or vid of any vehicles in a while. This vid was made for my own enjoyment and to share. I'm not a video person by any means or have expensive equipment but it was fun as a hobby to play around with. Music Used: The Chainsmokers - Inside Out (Instrumental) 2004 DODGE SRT4 Mopar Cold Air Intake Forward Motion Wastegate Actuator Mopar Blow Off Plate AGP solid motor mounts AEM UEGO Wideband BWOODY Catch Can Oil Accumulator Powdercoated Blue Valve Cover MPX Shorty Antenna Raceland Coilovers JEGS Electric Cutout 3 inch downpipe with cutout Booger Shifter Bushings NGK Spark Plugs JMB Performance Fuse Cover JMB Performance Radiator Gap Cover JMB Performance Ignition Coil Head Shield Caliber SRT4 Badge MPX Black Housing Headlights Black side markers SRT Nostril Badge Batman replacement front emblem Kuhmo TIres Black paint stock wheels Kenwood aftermarket head unit Blue Lug Nuts

Ready for 2014 race season
All 3 of my cars will be in full effect for 2014 season. stay tuned for street and track action Tags/keywords stock turbo srt4 srt4 stock turbo record stock turbo srt4 record srt4 pump gas record srt4 stock turbo pump gas record sakibbuilt stock turbo record stock turbo pump gas record 11 sec stock turbo srt4 srt4 11sec 11.5 stock turbo srt4 11.5 srt4 sakibs srt4 sakib's srt4 13203 drag day srt4 eblue 30r srt 30r srt4 3071 srt 3071 srt4 garret 3071 garret 30r srt4 garret 3071 srt4 bb 3071 srt4 stock motor srt4 pepsi srt4 diet pepsi srt4 pepsi srt diet pepsi srt #sakibbuilt sakibbuilt 2014 race intro evo evo 8 white evo 2.3 evo 2.3 hta86 evo 2.3 hta3586 evo hta3586 hta86 hta86 evo hta3586 evo 3586 evo 10 sec evo 10.6 evo 400 hp srt4 420hp srt4

Blue Meanie Neon SRT-4 Part 1
2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4. Has been stored in my garage from January 2008 until April 2012. First time hearing it starting up after 4 years.

Stage 3 Billet 47lb SRT-4 vs. Stock Turbo SRT-4
Blue SRT-4 = Billet 47lb Stage 3 turbo vs. White SRT-4 = Stock turbo