Jason Carr, Byron 2008 Wheel Stand Contest

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Motorcycle crashes WHEELIE FAIL edition
Motorcycle crashes, wheelie edition. Some motorcycle crashes are so funny to watch, especially the wheelie guys lol. HEY WATCH ME WHEELIE....NOT. IMMEDIATE FAIL. HAHA These motorcycle crashes hurt if your not geared up, so if your attempting stunts, at least make sure you've got the correct motorcycle gear on. tags: motorcycle fail, wheelie, motorcycle crash, motorcycle fail compilation

Byron wheelstand contest 2009
Byron Dragways Power Wheelstand contest 2009 music by THC

Pro Mod European Record 2010 5.9676sec 1/4mile
www.Flamholcracing.com Adam Flamholc European Record in Pro mod. Checkout www.Flamholcracing.com and Flamholc/MMR Racing @ Facebook

Mustang wheelie 5.83 on 150 shot
wheels up