BMW 330ci on Brands Hatch racing track camera on board

just few laps in my bmw overtaking and speeding on track

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BMW 330ci Chasing Carrera on Drying Track PBIR
BMW 330ci chasing a Porsche Carrera S that was on cup car tires and running carbon ceramic brakes. The track was drying little by little at this point after a huge shower so lap times were dropping but my brakes started getting very hot at the end. The Porsche was one of the fastest cars of the day and would walk away on the straights. For the most part the track was wet with some dry lines starting to appear. 235 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires did very well in the mixed conditions and didn't overheat. My car has some suspension upgrades as well like hotckiss sway bars and the koni fsd/eibach pro-kit suspension kit among other things. It is my daily driver though so had to keep it conservative and on the track.

BMW 330Ci and Porsche 968CS at the Nürburgring
A fast lap in my BMW 330 Ci following a Porsche 968cs. It was a great pleasure on this marvelous track :)

BMW E46 330Ci couple of drifts on race track
My daily car, totally original BMW E46 330Ci on race track, couple of drifts on the same long turn (the longest one on this track ;d) no handbrake, open diff, 225/45/18 tires and I ;) Kompilacja kilku boków po wrocławskim torze Rakietowa na treningu ODTJ kiedy jeszcze można było tak pojeździć ;d

Following Zakspeed Viper with my BMW 330Ci at the Ring
During this lap on the Nordschleife, I (try to) follow the Zakspeed Viper in the traffic.