Ferrari Enzo Start and Drives Off

I have recorded a red Ferrari Enzo starting up the engine and driving off down a street of London. Such a great car!

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Porsche 997 GT3RS w/X-Ost Exhaust Loud Fly Bys
This is for sure one of the nicest and loudest Porsche 997 GT3RS i have ever seen! It's black/orange with black wheels and orange stripes like those of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The car is fitted with the extremely loud X-Ost Exhaust. I have filmed it making a series of fast fly bys at the Imola racetrack.

6-Speed MANUAL Ferrari 599 GTB - Drive It Like You Stole it
I jump onboard for a crazy ride in a friend's extremely rare Ferrari 599 GTB fitted with a 6-Speed manual transmission. We set the manettino in CST OFF (stability and traction control off) and had some fun powersliding and drifting around winding roads and roundabouts! Subscribe! Facebook: Twitter:

LaFerrari vs Ferrari Enzo INSANE Rev Battle!
I proudly show you for the first time a sound comparison between the Ferrari Enzo and its successor, the LaFerrari! The Enzo is fitted with the infamous straight pipes Exhaust, meanwhile the LaFerrari is stock. To make this battle even more epic, we decided to rev the beasts in a closed tunnel, turn up the volume and stay tuned for A LOT MORE content from this videoshoot! Subscribe! Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

Nissan GT-R Armytrix Exhaust - Installation & First Sounds!
Subscribe! - The exciting moment of fitting the full Armytrix Exhaust has finally arrived, so I took the GT-R to Nissauto and have it fitted! Enjoy the whole process of installation, as well as the first sounds and my reaction to the new voice of the GT-R. Check out Armytrix's website for more: Facebook: Twitter: Music: Whithe ñ Garcion