- GMPT Power Up Dyno Series Car Show Presented by MB Racing!!

Here is the car show footage from the Pre-Honda Day Power up Car Show. Checkout for more videos!! Check us out at !!

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Nyce1s - KEEP GUNNIN Aki's return to HDAY 2017...
For the first time in years Aki returns to Hday to unveil the AK47 rebuilt from the ground up. Here he explains his next steps to the Dyno and ultimately a test and tune. Looks like big things ahead in 2017. Is Aki the Big Chief of the all motor series ?!?! Check it out and leave your comments below. Subscribe for our next project HDAY AFTERMOVIE. Checkout Aki on Instagram: @ghost_boy_aki Checkout Nyce1s: Instagram: @officialnyce1s - GMPT Power Up Dyno Presented by MB Racing Pt.2!!
Here is part 2 of the event footage from the Power Up Dyno Event presented by MB Racing! Checkout for the brand that fits the culture! Checkout for one the premiere northeast tuner shops!! Checkout for more videos!! - GMPT Power Up Dyno Series Presented by MB Racing Pt. 3!!!
Here is the third and final part of the footage from the Pre-Honda Day Power Up Dyno Event! This Dyno event series is the largest of it's kind on the east coast! Checkout for the clothing of the tuner lifestyle. Checkout for one of the premiere performance shops in the Northeast!! Checkout for more videos!!!

Nyce1s - Presents the 8 Second Turbo SFWD Honda Civic...
We recently caught up with the Dynamic Performance crew as they attended a few events. Checkout the video as we were able to film them during the Ratchet Fridays, Hday at Englistown and IREV at Maryland International Raceway... Checkout DPRaceparts at: Checkout Nyce1s at Check us out on Instagram @officialnyce1s