Jet Lawnmower - Fireworks Steve | This is one of Firework Steve's ebay purchases - Home made Gas Turbine, installed under the seat of a sit-on Lawnmower! Mad nutter..... We'[ve had fun lighting it up a few times!

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Jet powerd kart doing its stuff

Big block chevy lawnmower road test
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World's Most Dangerous Invention Lawnmower Will Cut ANYTHING
DISCLAIMER...............DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This thing is DANGEROUS. It can injure, maim, or kill someone. It will cut down anything in its path. This is my $37 answer to a $3,000 machine for sale out there. Consider this video as entertainment. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you do this. As always, I welcome your comments. I hope you enjoy this video. Free music provided by youtube and the music on the intro was provided by Meejah, Intro video loop provided by

F-150 Jet Truck
Chris Lentz's F-150, equipped with a Motorlet M-701 jet motor, is one wild hybrid of sorts...