Hummer pulled by f250 1

We have a hummer h2 on 37 burried in the mud and then a buddies f250 powerstroke tried pullin it out.. lol go powerstroke

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Hummer pulled by f250 2
After many attempts we finally gave up... that and he was stuck

My f250 pulls school bus out of ditch
rear tires cought edge of road and slid into ditch, our tow trucks were getting stuck just trying to get to the bus, so here i come with my truck n pull it right out, this was the day after 2011 blizard storm, one of many vehicles i pulled out but this one was the only one worth posting enjoy :)

Powerstroke pulls out stuck truck like a boss
7.3l f-250 powerstroke diesel with massive stack pulls out 1 stuck toyota. It pulls the jeep out later but after we found a better rope. It made it look easy! They were stuck for about 4 hours..

Hummer Pulled OUT by mazda b4000 3
This was after I pulled out the f250 because it was stuck