Protech Motorsport 3 litre V8 Cosworth engine.mpg

Protech Motorsport 3 litre naturally aspirated Cosworth V8 engine on the Dyno. This is the final run (no load). Engine made 618.8 bhp @ 12,700 rpm. Rev limit is 13,500 rpm.

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JRE Atmo Cosworth engine dyno run ford escort mk1 rally car engine
This is our 2.0 N/A Cosworth engine on our Dyno, this produced 251bhp. for more info or to purchase engines/ parts e-mail or visit the website

Building the Horizontal Pop Can Stirling Engine - Here are some photos and video from the building of the Horizontal Pop Can Stirling Engine. One of the first videos posted of this engine now has over 1 million views. The plans for this engine are in the book, "Eleven Stirling Engine Projects You Can Build" by Jim R. Larsen. The music playing in the background is an original blues recording also by Jim Larsen. This is an example of a classic horizontal Stirling engine design built with simple materials that are easy to find. You can find more videos of this engine in my YouTube channel and at Please feel free to hit the Like button and leave a comment.

My drive in F1 Prost AP02 - Alesi with Cosworth V8 650 HP
This is my F1 experience from France at AGS Formula 1 driving course. Amazing experience and one day I may come back again, but I am too tall for formula cockpits :-( And a few notes, it is just the real F1 chassis, but the engine was changed from V10 to more beginner friendly and reliable V8 Cosworth. I was driving very slowly as I came to learn, get the experience and not to race/crash.

F1 V8 Engine sound Cosworth DFV
F1 V8 Engine sound ! Ford Cosworth engine Referred to DFV (Double Four Valve) This Formula 1 engine was a normally aspirated 3.0-litre 90° V8 with 510 bhp at 11,200 rpm. Natural sounds! Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!