straight pipes

my brothers 95 150 with 302 true dual straight pipes

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s10 with headers and no exhaust revs
i had just finished putting the headers on my truck so i try it out for the first time. no mufflers or anything by the way so its really loud. i have a 1993 s10 SS with a 5 speed and the 173 2.8 v6

1995 silverado true dual straight pipes no cats no mufflers
1995 chevrolet silverado, true dual 2 1/4 inch pipe with 4 inch tips. no cats or mufflers. loud. pulled over so far..once. got it done last week.

86 F150 302 exhaust
My 86 F150 5.0 302 with True duals into glasspacks. To loud for my digital camera :(

Headers & Straight pipe Vs. cherrybomb Glasspacks
Black and gray f150 is a 1993 4x4 5.0 302 with Flo-tech longtube headers 2 1/4in straight pipe. Dark red f150 is a 1992 4x4 5.0 302 with 2in straight pipe with dual cherry bomb glasspacks