straight pipes

my brothers 95 150 with 302 true dual straight pipes

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1971 Ford F-100 302 straight pipe/ walk around
Here it is. I figured what the hell. My 71' F-100 Sport Custom with a little 302 & full straights. No mufflers, no nothing. Factory manifolds. 2 1/2" pipe & 3.5"x24" echo tips. Im not keeping it this way. Im pulling the motor this winter for a rebuild so why not make some noise untill then. For some reason, straight pipes sounded alot better when I was in highschool.....

97 Ford F250 LOUD! Drive by and rev
Here's my 97 F250 Light Duty. 5.4, auto, K&N intake, and 2 1/4" Exhaust with hi flow cats and nothing else. 2" suspension lift and 3.73 posi rear

1993 Ford f-150 with straight pipes and headers
V8 5.0L 302. Sounds good. Let me know what you think.

Chevy muddin
This is my 1995 Chevy 1500 stock 350 engine. With 6 inch lift and 35 inch discovery stt (not the best tires in the world) and 16 by 10 eagle alloy 058, rims and cherry bomb glasspack