straight pipes

my brothers 95 150 with 302 true dual straight pipes

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Headers & Straight pipe Vs. cherrybomb Glasspacks
Black and gray f150 is a 1993 4x4 5.0 302 with Flo-tech longtube headers 2 1/4in straight pipe. Dark red f150 is a 1992 4x4 5.0 302 with 2in straight pipe with dual cherry bomb glasspacks

1993 Ford f-150 with straight pipes and headers
V8 5.0L 302. Sounds good. Let me know what you think.

thundering loud jake brake
holy-$hi& my new 6 inch pipes are loud. No muffler at all. Find me on Instagram, same name chrisdel157

92 F-150 302 Dual Straight pipes