straight pipes

my brothers 95 150 with 302 true dual straight pipes

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s10 with headers and no exhaust revs
i had just finished putting the headers on my truck so i try it out for the first time. no mufflers or anything by the way so its really loud. i have a 1993 s10 SS with a 5 speed and the 173 2.8 v6

1993 Ford f-150 with straight pipes and headers
V8 5.0L 302. Sounds good. Let me know what you think.

1986 F150 Straight pipes
1986 Ford F150 with 5.0L. 2.5" true duals with 5 inch tips. Also now that i rewatch this, it might be after i redid suspension with 3/4 ton springs up front, and 1 ton leafs in the back. and new 31 inch tires. Created on January 29, 2012 using FlipShare.

F-150 with 351 with straight pipes
a '90 Ford F-150 with a 351 EFI and Straight Pipes off the headers with no cats. Just in case you wanted to know how that sounds.