Quick vid of a lightly modded SRT4 with open downpipe and HKS SSQV Blow off valve.

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SRT-4 BOV Duck Call
In the video I said it was a 03 but it is actually a 05... Sorry. This is not my car, this is my buddy's car. We were getting bored so we went and bought a 13 dollar duck call and taped it right up :) HKS SSQV

320 hp SRT4 with HKS gen 4 pulls
Customers SRT4 Neon with HKS gen 4 ssqv bov out doing a couple quick pulls

SRT4 HKS bov
SRT4 HKS bov sounds some bikers lol

How to install Turboxs SML BOV on Neon SRT4
Installing turboXS SML BOV on a Neon SRT4 I found it easier to remove the hotside pipe and tighten the inside bolt from under the car.