Kinner R55 radial powered MR2 goes to Autobahn Country Club for 24hours of lemons race

here it is guys, a proper race. I only managed 20 laps with it which is less than stellar but i'm calling this good enough. I'm trading the engine for a turboshaft engine and I'll work on installing that instead. I did get the "most heroic fix" award at this race. sorry i took so long to re upload this video, the first attempt had a bunch of rendering errors.

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An incredible Rat Rod built by ITW hotrods. This was built for the 2014 rat rod magazine build off. Where builders compete to see who can build the baddest rat rod in 30 days for under $3,000. In order to qualify you must travel a minimum of 300 miles of the cross country tour as well as the aforementioned time and money restraints. Music by James Autonami:

Russischer Sternmotor - Russian Radial Engine Start and Run
Beim traditionsreichen Traktorentreffen in Burkhardtsdorf ist seit einiger Zeit immer ein großer russischer Sternmotor aus einer Antonow dabei. Der wurde natürlich auch gefilmt. Da es am Morgen sehr kühl und feucht war, machte er einige Probleme beim starten aber dann lief er. Typisch für alte Sternmotoren ist die große Rauchentwicklung beim Start, da eine größere Ölmenge in die unteren Zylinder läuft, die dann verbrannt wird. Der Sound war wie immer ohrenbetäubend.

ROUDE LEIW - 4000Hp - 18 Cylinders Radial Tractor 2013
Roude Léiw Luxemburg 2.5T modified Tractor Pulling CURTISS WRIGHT R3350 18 Cylinders Radial motor with 4000Hp.10000Nm 6 Runs at ZELE's European championships and MADE - PUTTEN eurocup.He finish the season in 5th place in Championship and 6th place in Eurocup.

11 Mad Engines You May Not Know About | Ep. 7
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