The real goal was to build a plywood boat in two hours, really it took almost three. There is a second video called "Our Boat Sunk" that shows the boat trip before it sunk, and tells why it sunk.

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Building the TotalBoat: Springing the boat together (Episode 7)
In this episode the wooden skiff is starting to take shape. First, Lou straightens out some warping on the transom with water and clamps to make sure it is flat and tight. Next, Lou shows how he will bend and fit the planks from the stem to the transom on his custom built skiff building station.

Time Lapse: i550 Sport Boat built with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Time lapse video captures WEST SYSTEM Technical Advisors and company founders Meade & Jan Gougeon building in an i550 sport boat in Bay City, Michigan. This boat will compete in the Everglades Challenge. Actual time to build: approximately 700 man hours.

Building a boat 4.10m
Boot aus Sperrholz und Glasfaser 4.10 m lang und 80cm breit

Construction of a Center-Console Wooden-Skiff
This nice center-console skiff was built by Svein Kopfelt and displayed at the 2008 WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport. For further details see