The real goal was to build a plywood boat in two hours, really it took almost three. There is a second video called "Our Boat Sunk" that shows the boat trip before it sunk, and tells why it sunk.

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Building a boat 4.10m
Boot aus Sperrholz und Glasfaser 4.10 m lang und 80cm breit

Time Lapse: i550 Sport Boat built with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Time lapse video captures WEST SYSTEM Technical Advisors and company founders Meade & Jan Gougeon building in an i550 sport boat in Bay City, Michigan. This boat will compete in the Everglades Challenge. Actual time to build: approximately 700 man hours.

How I Build a Boat in One Week
Visit I was just like most of you when I began in the great hobby of building boats. My passion for Boats started as a young child. On my 12th birthday, my father took me to the tiny wood-shop behind our house. On the table was laying some type of a blueprint or plans for a project. He continued to tell me that this was my birthday present. Then he proceeded to explain that these plans would help us to build my first model boat... As my skills improved, now I can proudly say that I had completed my first plywood boat with the help of my best friend. 31 years later, I'm still building boats. And what I discovered was this: Building boats is not hard if you have a step-by-step approach to follow. Even if you've ZERO boat-building experience. These are the easiest models for beginners: plywood boat jon boat row boat fishing boat duck boat aluminum boat rowing boat sailing boat fibreglass boat small fishing boat drift boat stitch & glue boat More Boat Projects Here:

Building the Ellen 12' in 4 Minutes
I've spent the past year building a boat for my senior project. This time lapse includes 106 hours and 36 minutes of the work. I captured this time lapse with a Nikon D70s camera and Nikon Camera Control.