1967 Buick 455 rear dash cam

Quick trip before the rain.

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455 Buick Engine, 580 HP, By AMS Racing Engines
455 Buick Engine, 580 HP, By AMS Racing Engines http://www.amsracingengines.com/index.html

12.06 second pass in a Buick 455 4 speed
I duct taped my camera to the seat and rowed gears. Car has gone 11.95 with this setup.

Classic Buick 455 valve cover media blasting restoration
Restoration Media Blasting's Eric Gardner uses fine powdered glass to gently strip an original Buick 455 valve cover. Unfortunately, the cover proved too damaged from years of rust to be saved.

MY 18-Year Old PRINCESS DRIVING My Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal!!! 5-20-2011
This made MY day!!! My Princess last drove this '87 Special-T Buick Regal when it had the factory Oldsmobile 307 V8 that made 175-horsepower WHEN IT WAS NEW. Now, with a D&S Performance Stage-1 Buick 455 V8 ... she DRIVES-IT! My Baby tried to take the Stage-1 V8 to 3,500-rpm (MSD6AL-2 rev-limited with FURIOUS TIRE SPINNING at 3,000-rpm) ... IN A DRIVING RAIN-STORM ... like it was NOTHING. I loved it when she had the tires spinning! My Princes ROCKS-THE-HOUSE!!!! I am SUPER proud of her. PS; I got the BETTER tires FIRST! lol