Lexus IS-F PPE Headers and Joe-Z Exhaust Installed First Startup

Installed ppe headers and the joe-z true dual Exhaust this weekend with my friend Tom. Sound is amazing in person. This was taken with an iphone so not the greatest audio/video. The steam is partially because it was 28 degrees out. The smoke was from the coating on the header and all the new piping warming up. My phone couldn't handle the last rev at the end! Fail!

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Lexus ISF with sikkyheaders+Joez intake + Pts exhaust

Lexus IS-F with PPE Headers and Joe Z exhaust on the dyno
Lexus IS-F with PPE headers, Joe Z Exhaust with Random Tech cats and Joe Z intake on a Cartec Dyno @ KSF Motorsport.

2011 Lexus IS-F PPE Headers with PTS Joe Z Exhaust

Lexus ISF Borla vs Borla w/Sikky Headers - Audio Comparison
Lexus ISF with Borla catback Exhaust and Lexus ISF with Borla catback Exhaust and Sikky audio comparison.