Pimped Out Scooters Cruising Down Woodward

Was coming home from a Detroit Tigers game and these 3 guys pulled up next to us on their pimped out scooters. Yes, that's music coming from his scooter and not my car.

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Japan custom maxi scooters
Japan custom maxi scooters - created at http://animoto.com

Scooter Gang LOL!
I saw these guys riding by on tricked out scooters with a loud speaker system.They were looking hard too.I though it was kinda funny.But hey whatever floats your boat.

Crazy Pimped Out Scooter!
This is a 2500usd scooter with well over 4000usd in mods (for a total of over 6500). Yes, you could buy a normal motorcycle for that money.But I guess some people want the best of something as opposed to a regular something.

RIDE - Scooter vs Car
Scooter vs Car Music by The Sagittarian http://www.thesagittarian.com