Pro Street 69 Opel GT Blown Injected BBC V8 93-octane driven

Quarter mile pass in full street trim, DOT tires and through the mufflers on 93 octane pump gas. No Nitrous. No additives. This pass was made on only 7 cylinders! Check out the in-car video of this same run.

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6.0 Liter LS Powered 1970 Opel GT Autocross
One of the highlights of the 2016 Goodguys Nashville Nationals for me was running across Brandon Sutton and his 6.0L LS powered 1970 Opel GT. I've seen pictures of this car, I've seen the back end of it as it's left other shows, so finally getting some video of it was great, especially as Brandon ran his very first autocross in it...and did really well for his first time out. Again, I can't thank all of the great owners that let me shoot their cars enough. Make sure to check out my channel for more cool rides from this show and others: Thanks for watching!!!

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