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Ford Mondeo BA7 2.0 TDI - celopolep - colorchange ( grahite 3D carbon fólie
Profesionální celopolep (colorchange) do 3D carbon fólie - Ford Mondeo Studio Aleš

Pontiac Solstice
WebRidesTV's stunning Amber Goetz takes us for a look at Pontiac's new sports car, the Pontiac Solstice. The Solstice was introduced in 2004 at the NAIAS, or North American International Auto Show, and began production in 2005. You may get the car confused with other GM models as it shares the same chassis as the Saturn Sky or the European Opel GT. Produced and directed by Greg Harvey

Why Every Pontiac Solstice Windscreen is Wrong
Every Pontiac Solstice windscreen (Saturn Sky windscreen as well) has design trade-offs. Discover how these trade-offs influence the functionality of the wind deflector, and how BackBlade ( is the first windscreen to uniquely overcome previous design deficiencies. This is the only windscreen with the power of a 100 day trial period and an unlimited lifetime warranty.

"Solstice will blow up after ONE race"
Audi R8 refuses to race a Pontiac Solstice