Jeep Abuse - XJ Cherokee 4x4 Jump, Donut, Drift, Burnout, Brakestand, Off Road, Snow...

Some of my best footage having fun in the Jeep Cherokee. It's amazingly fun to hoon around and takes punishment without flinching. Both Jeeps in the video held up remarkably well to over 100,000 miles before getting rid of them. Music: Long Live Death by Jason Shaw (

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Manual VS Automatic Transmissions Off Road
A quick look at the differences off-roading with manual and automatic transmissions.

Jeep Destroy crash test HD
We had used this Jeep over the years to build MX and MTB trails, pulling logs, moving equipment etc. In that time it had performed admirably, BUT! Rust, electrical and mechanical problems and the rear door being ripped off (accident with a tree meant that it failed its MOT (Ministry Of Transport test for car safety). Cost of repairs far exceeded that of another decent one . So ! we decided to give it the send of it deserved. I see a lot of angry posts a long the lines of "why would they wreck a perfectly good Jeep !! I would have fixed it, retards !!!"..... The thing was "FUCKED !!!!!!", it was so rotten underneath you could have pedalled along with your feet. Also keep in mind this is the UK, the value of a second hand Jeep is as little as $300.

Stock Jeep Cherokee XJ at Hidden Falls Advernture Park OFF ROAD - central Texas Camping Trip
First time out with my 1993 Jeep Cherokee sport. this isnt any serious wheeling, the trip was to test its capabilities in stock form and assess what needs to be done in the future. I was actually very pleased with its performance but it does need quiet a bit of work. The suspension is shot and is all together too low, need some brush guards to protect the shiny paint and some rock sliders to avoid some major damage. other than that its great!

jeep wins and fails compilation
I dont own any of the songs or video, Im a XJ fan so I edited a compilation of several videos in youtube, hope you like it and share it, subscribe for more similar compilations the links of the original videos are here, these people are the ones that deserve the credits, always carry a camera, and share your material, we should use everything for our fun and pleasure, have a nice day folks.... viva la jeep cabrones! you can find the original videos looking for them by title.... Jeep Cherokee Rock Crawling [Off-Road] 200hp Supercharged Jeep XJ Cherokee Dyno 200hp_Supercharged_Jeep_XJ_Cherokee_Dyno 1998 Jeep XJ Offroad Almost Stock Jeep Cherokee Hot Springs Level What Appleton Off Road Vehicle Park With Trail Side Engineering Jeep Club 2009 Box Daddy's First Flight (Lifted Jeep Cherokee XJ Jump) Cherokee XJ The Maze Trail, St. George, Utah Winter On The Rocks Cherokee XJ with a trunk - up a wall on Hells Revenge cherokee_climbin_the_big_hill_at_coon_creek Cherokee_Roll_Over Cherokee_Rollover_on_Gold_Bar_Rim_Moab__Easter_Jeep_Safari_2016 Cherokee_Rollover Chinaman Gulch, Colorado - November 11, 2006 Clavicle3 Jeepspeed Best In The Desert Off Road Racing Coin Jar Racing Jeepspeed Test Run Eric Heiden wins Jeepspeed Henderson 250 Extreme_jeep_jump_crash Extreme_water_crossing_Jeep_Cherokee_4x4 Fearless XJ Jeep Cherokee GIRL POWER XJ ROCK CRAWLER Haspin Acre's Mud the Great Equalizer Pt.2 Girls_Roll_Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_with_solo_recovery High_Flying_Jeep_Jump_Fail_-_Truck_flips_over How_NOT_to_pull_a_truck_out_of_the_mud_FULL_CLIP Idiot_in_Jeep_Challenges_Land_Cruiser Insane_hill_climb_in_the_Jeep_Cherokee INSANE_JEEP_CHEROKEE_CRASH JEEP 4X4 HILLCLIMB LOCKERS VS NON LOCKERS Jeep Abuse - XJ Cherokee 4x4 Jump, Donut, Drift, Burnout, Brakestand, Off Road, Snow... Jeep cherokee (XJ) in a Bowl jeep cherokee burn out Jeep Cherokee XJ 2.5L climbing muddy hill Jeep Cherokee XJ climbing the unthinkable - Carnage Canyon (HD) JEEP CHEROKEE XJ CLIMBS VERTICAL WALL jeep cherokee xj extreme rock climb waterfall Jeep Cherokee XJ rock crawling at Waterfall Browns Camp Oregon Jeep Cherokee XJ Struggling Off Road, but WINS! Jeep Cherokee XJ Swimming in Deep Freezing Pool JEEP OF DOOM Jeep XJ Burnout 1 Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0 at Appin, 2007 jeep xj Jeep_Cherokee_Back_Flip Jeep_Cherokee_Drag Jeep_Cherokee_FAIL Jeep_Cherokee_Flip Jeep_Cherokee_Flop Jeep_Cherokee_jump_fails_offroad_fails Jeep_Cherokee_Rolling_on_Minesweeper Jeep_Cherokee_rollover_at_Browns_Camp_OR Jeep_Cherokee_Rollover_On_Trail_5_at_Rausch_Creek Jeep_cherokee_rollover Jeep_Cherokee_Rolls_in_Moab_Pritchett_Canyon Jeep_Cherokee_Tough_Truck_Endo_CAR_CRASH_VIDEOS Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_-_4x4_Fail_And_Rolling_Over_2014 Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_21L_Diesel_-_Snow_Fun__Crash Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_Drifting__Part_2 Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_Fail_Falls_off_RTI_Ramp jeep_Cherokee_XJ_off_road_Devils_Pit_hill_climb_rock_crawl_extreme_fun Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_Rock_Climbing_Fail_And_Roll_Over Jeep_Cherokee_XJ_RollOver_Avoided_Why_Unknown Jeep_cherokee_xj_rollover Jeep_Destroy_crash_test_HD Jeep_Fail Jeep_Jump_Fail_and_Crash_-_Crazy_Driving Jeep_rollover_crasch_accident jeep_submarine JEEP_VS_POOL_ JEEP_XJ_JUMP_REDMOND_OR Jeep_XJ_Rollover_and_Recovery JEEP_XJ_ROLLS_OVER_ON_RBD Jeep_XJ_The_Doctor_Vol7 Jeep JeepsGoneWild_XJ_welded_spider_gears_the_same_day JeepSpeed_and_The_Wall_MDR Kid_in_jeep_xj_fails Lifted Jeep XJ Towing Boat at 4WPS Raleigh NC Lifted_jeep_cherokee_crash_in_garage Old_Florida_Road_MA_-_jeep_Cherokee_roll_over PSC_XJ_in_Moab Regular_Car_Reviews_1999_Jeep_Cherokee_XJ Rollover_Jeep_XJ_at_Rausch_Creek_ORV_Park Save_the_Jeep scotts_jeep_xj_jeepspeed_jump Spin_Tires_-_Cherokee_XJ_Test_-_Guirbaden_Hill_-_Fail Stock Jeep Cherokee XJ on 31' muddies killing it!! Stock Jeep XJ Cherokee Quarry.wmv Stock Jeep XJ joyride Stock XJ Vs. 38 Inch XJ SUPER CLEAN JEEP XJ ROCK CRAWLER TeraFlex_Tech_Choosing_Tires_For_Your_JK Testing stock cherokee xj Todays_Cherokee_carnage Top_10_Lucky_and_Brilliant_Car_Drivers Volcadura_en_la_presa_de_Tijuana_3-24-13 Western_Offroad_Racing_-_Jamie_Rogers_Rollover Worlds_Quickest_Jeep_Cherokee_Crashes_At_Cecil_County_Dragway_Nitrous_powered_8-1-15 Wrangler_Pull_XJ_out_of_mud_-_Fails XJ Beach Hill Climb XJ Redemption XJ_Cherokee_Flop Xj_rollover_Moon_rocks_Naches yokozuna_-_Getting_High(